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Project Finances



Explanation of Costs

  • Basement estimate is determined by our architect, Don Marrs of DMA Architects, PA

  • Painting estimate is determined by the painting company, Conrad Schmitt Studios

  • Other church interior estimate is determined by various experts/companies

  • Rectory estimate is determined by a local contractor

Other Important Information

  • Prices of materials have doubled to tripled over the past year and a half, causing large inflation to the projects

  • Prior to receiving permission from the diocese, the architect was consulted regarding the cost of material; although some costs dropped, others have still risen. Hence, he believed it best to keep the estimate the same

  • 2 different contractors were contacted for an estimate on the rectory. They both had very similar estimates. The one used in this presentation is the lower (not the higher) of the 2 estimates, plus a 10% contingency

  • There is hope that the cost of material will drop, although this is uncertain

  • If material costs do decrease and more money is raised, the extra funds will be set aside in an endowment with the diocese that will be used for future upkeep and projects for our facilities

Updated 9/6/23

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