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The Prayer Card Display

We officially have a display for our prayer cards!

Many of our parishioners have been hard at work, praying for the success of the campaign. Utilizing our prayer cards, people have been asking for our Blessed Mother's intercessions through the "Memorare" and praying a "Decade a Day." We will never be able to truly know the number of prayers offered; nonetheless, this helps give a visual of all of the prayers and devotions offered for the sake of our campaign.

On top of the display, there is a small box in which parishioners may place their completed prayer cards. In addition, people can find pamphlets about our projects, as well as pledge cards, and other special envelopes to be used when making an offering, either to pay one's pledge, or to simply make a one-time donation.

Thank you all for your prayers for this campaign. Let us continue to pray. Hopefully, we can fill the display with our prayers for the success of our church projects!

Prayer Card Display
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Memorare Army

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