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Matching Funds
throughout December, 2022

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Beginning last Giving Tuesday (Tuesday, November 29th) and continuing throughout the month of December, the Knights of Columbus have offered $50,000 in dollar-for-dollar matching funds for our Unify, Beautify, Glorify campaign for our church projects!  In addition, the Immaculate Heart of Mary Memorial Trust has offered $15,000 of matching funds!  Finally, a number of anonymous donors have come forward offering $17,500 of matching funds, giving us a total of $82,500 of matching funds for the month of December!  These matching funds are to be used for all increases in pledges, new pledges, and additional donations (more clarifications on the match can be found below).  Thank you very much to the Knights of Columbus, the IHM Memorial Trust, as well as our anonymous donors for these donations!


As of this date (Friday, December 16th), $43,227 have been donated, leaving a total of $39,272 still available.  We would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who has donated thus far, as well as everyone who still plans to donate prior to the end of this year!  You are making a huge difference in the success of this campaign, which will in turn make a huge difference in the life of our parish!  Thank you!

Extra donations can be made by utilizing the green envelopes in parishioners’ envelope packages.  Also, there are other envelopes that can be used on top of the Prayer Card Display in the gathering area of the church.  Simply place your donation in one of the envelopes, and either place the envelope in the collection basket, mail it, or drop it off by the parish office.  We just ask, for those who have already made a pledge, if you would like to make an extra donation aside from your pledge payment, please mark on your check, or indicate in any other way, that your donation is part of the “extra donation.”

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How to Participate

If you have already made a pledge and would like to increase your pledge, simply call the parish office at (785) 625-7339.  We are happy to assist you.


If you have not yet made a pledge, pledge cards are available on top of the Prayer Card Display in the gathering area of the church.  Please feel free to take a pledge card.  You may fill it out and return it by placing it in the collection basket, or by mailing it or dropping it off by the parish office.  In addition, if you prefer, you may also contact the parish office to make a pledge.

Clarifications on the Match

            The matching funds will be applied to all increases in current pledges, new pledges, and all additional donations.  With this, current pledges, or payments on current pledges, will unfortunately not qualify for matching funds.  Instead, it is only new income that will be counted. 

Therefore, for those who have already made a pledge, if you would like to increase that pledge, even if this is by a minimal amount, such an increase will be doubled.  Extra donations that you would like to make, that are not counted as part of paying off your pledge, would also be a part of the matching funds.  Please indicate, whether in the memo or by some other written or verbal

form, that your donation is an “extra donation” so we don’t miss counting it in the total match.

In addition, anyone who has not yet turned in a pledge card – your pledges from Giving Tuesday throughout the month of December will also be doubled.  Again, even a minimal amount will make a major difference!

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