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At the request of the diocese, we also plan to build a new rectory. Although the current rectory is quite comfortable for a single priest, the diocese has noted that it is not ideal for multi-priest living. It also does not provide proper room for guests, requiring the parish to find separate lodging for all visitors, including the Bishop himself. In addition, IHM is the largest parish in the diocese, with the largest Catholic school, and the most active youth group, not to mention other groups, organizations, and adult programs. This makes our parish ideal to host seminarians while they are away from the seminary, assisting them in their priestly formation. Our current rectory, however, does not allow for this. By building a new rectory, we will be able to better ensure having more than one priest assigned to IHM, provide the necessary accommodations, and aid in the formation of seminarians – the future priests of our diocese.

Parish Rectory

Current Rectory

  • Comfortable

  • Home-like

  • Able to fully use the space

  • Not ideal for associate

    • Lives in the basement

    • Difficulties with both privacy and communal living

  • No room for guests

  • Unable to house missionaries

  • Unable to host the Bishop when he comes for events (Confirmation, festivals, etc.)

  • Unable to host/house seminarians



  • Helps to ensure (although not absolutely guarantee) an associate pastor

  • Better living for both pastor and associate (improves both privacy and communal living)

  • Allows more ability to house guests/missionaries

  • Grants more ability to invite/house the Bishop for future events

  • Allows us to help with the formation of seminarians

    • On breaks/summers, we will be able to provide living for seminarians

    • Seminarians will be able to provide and gain experience in    ministry at IHM

Purpose of
New Rectory

Floor Plan

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 1.58.03 PM.png

First Floor

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 1.58.18 PM.png


Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 1.56.29 PM.png


  • Tear down Madres’ home and build new

  • Move Madres to the current rectory


Screenshot (37).png
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